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famexmod ([personal profile] famexmod) wrote in [community profile] familyex2017-06-11 06:50 am

Creator reveals

Creators have now been revealed on AO3!

Thanks so much to everyone who offered feedback/help in how to set up this exchange, and to everyone who participated in nominations, signed up, posted treats, or commented/kudos'd on anything in the collection. And thanks even more to all the pinch hitters, without whom this would have been a huge disaster.

The collection will remain open indefinitely, so if you finish your assignment late, are still working on a treat, or simply happen to become inspired in the future, feel free to add your work to the collection when it is finished.

Finally, although I had originally hoped to run a second round in 2018, I have decided not to run the exchange again myself. However, a couple people have already shown interest in taking over, so hopefully AitF will run again next year. If I'm still looking for new mods by the beginning of the year, I'll make a post in January or February to see if there are any takers.


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