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Pinch hit - repost

This is a re-post of pinch hit #6, as the recip has added to their requests.

Comments are screened on this post. If you are interested in taking this pinch hit, please respond to this post with your AO3 username and the #/username associated with the pinch hit you are interested in.

You may have one outstanding pinch hit at a time; if you would like to take multiple pinch hits, please finish and post the first one before trying to claim the next.

This pinch hit is due at the assignment deadline (May 28, 11:59 PM EST).

All current pinch hits have been claimed!

Pinch Hit #6:

Request 1 by Piinutbutter
Silent Hill (Video Game Series)
Walter Sullivan & Room 302, Fic

I would love something set after the 21 Sacraments ending. Walter's completed the ritual, and he's finally back with his mother...so, what now? Does 'she' welcome him back with open arms, or is it not so easy? Maybe she only cares about Little Walter, leaving his adult self jealous. Maybe initially, Walter's happy, but now that he's accomplished his single goal in life, his mind is clear enough to start feeling guilty about what he's done - does he think his mother can forgive him? I'd just love to see anything about Walter interacting with the mother he's been obsessed with for so long.

DNWs: Crossovers, genderswaps, issuefic, pregnancy.
Letter Link http://exchangebench.dreamwidth.org/726.html

Request 2 by Piinutbutter
Catherine (Video Game)
Archie Wallace/Archie Wallace's Mother, Fic

I would love to see anything examining these two and their horrible relationship. What was their family like before Archie's mother locked him away - was a father ever in the picture? What did Archie feel like growing up - did he have any idea that his experience wasn't normal, or did his mother convince him that this was what every family does? How did Archie finally manage to get out from under his mother's thumb, and did she ever try and take him back? Archie talks about his mother returning every night in his nightmares - what kind of monster/stage does she manifest as, and how does Astaroth treat Archie in the confessional, given that he knows his specific brand of nightmare?

DNWs: Crossovers, genderswaps, issuefic, pregnancy.
Letter Link http://exchangebench.dreamwidth.org/726.html

Request 3 by Piinutbutter
悪魔城ドラキュラ | Castlevania Series
Arikado Genya | Alucard & Cruz Soma, Christopher Belmont & Soleiyu Belmont, Gabriel Belmont | Dracula & Trevor Belmont | Alucard, Gabriel Belmont | Dracula/Satan (Castlevania)/Trevor Belmont | Alucard, Fic

Arikado & Soma:

Okay, so there are a lot of "Soma finds out he's Arikado's dad" fics out there. But, consider: Soma finding out he's Arikado's dad, then proceeding to embarrass the heck out of Arikado as revenge for him being so uptight all the time. Dad jokes? Affectionate cheek-pinching? Encouraging Arikado to get laid because Soma wants grandkids? All of it. Any protest is met with some variation of, "Don't talk back to your father!" Embarrassing-dad-Soma is just something I want in my life.

Christopher & Soleiyu:

The end scroll of Belmont's Revenge tells us that Soleiyu eventually went on to be a successful vampire hunter, but I can't imagine it was a smooth road there, after the events of his game. His people had just decided that Soleiyu was worthy of inheriting the title of Belmont when he messed up big time and put them all in danger (even if it wasn't technically his fault). He's probably not going to be welcomed back with open arms when he returns from serving Dracula. I'd love to see some hurt/comfort where Christopher has to deal with a son who's already traumatized and feeling guilty, and now has to deal with the judgment of his own people on top of that.

Gabriel & Trevor:

The ending of LoS2 gives us a Gabriel in the modern day, who no longer has a castle to rule, nor any enemies to fight. For all intents and purposes, he and Trevor are just a normal family. Who happen to be vampires. So...do they have to get jobs? Do they go out to fast food restaurants at 2 AM to kill time? Does Trevor drag his father to the wolf sanctuary he decides to volunteer at, where everyone is baffled by how well the wolves take to him? I just want this awkward little family navigating the modern world together.


So, Satan's a pretty nasty dude. And, given how his daughter acts towards Gabriel, I really doubt he's above using sexual violence as a weapon to get his way. Satan was right, at the end of LoS2 - Gabriel can't bring himself to kill Trevor. But what if Satan hadn't chickened out at the threat of the Vampire Killer? Then Gabriel's stuck with Satan still in his son's body, and no way to get him out. With how much Satan talks about wanting to make Gabriel suffer, and his not-exactly-innocent comment about liking Trevor's body, I don't think it would take him long to try and horrify Gabriel by coming onto him, or going further than that. Feel free to make this as filthy and horrible as you like, since that's just about the only way to have this pairing.

DNWs: Crossovers, genderswaps, issuefic, pregnancy.
Letter Link http://exchangebench.dreamwidth.org/726.html

Request 4 by Piinutbutter
Gingiva (Video Game)
Reptile Twin/Twin Reptile, Fic

These two are basically every "twins are two halves of the same whole" trope taken up to 11. They don't even refer to each other by name, only by endearments like "my dearest true self" and "friend of friends." I love the contrast of having these two ruthless businessmen who are willing to screw over the rest of the world, but who are tender and close with each other.

I would love absolutely anything about these two and their relationship. Maybe something plotty about how they ended up working for the Mother Most High in the first place. Maybe some hurt/comfort when one of them gets injured in battle while they're on the run. Maybe something about their life-of-crime shenanigans after they escape on the bus at the end of the game. Smut is more than welcome, if you can figure out how to make it work with these two!

DNWs: Crossovers, genderswaps, issuefic, pregnancy.
Letter Link http://exchangebench.dreamwidth.org/726.html

Request 5 by Piinutbutter
No More Heroes (Video Games)
Henry Cooldown/Travis Touchdown Henry Cooldown & Travis Touchdown, Fic

Obviously, there's a lot of potential for these two post-canon. They seem to have an amicable relationship at the end of NMH2, so what happens when Travis quits the assassination business for good? Maybe now that everything's settled down, Henry decides it couldn't hurt to actually get to know his brother.

Alternately, what if Henry had met Travis when they were both younger, while Travis was going through his cluster of family issues? Heck, why were they raised separately in the first place? There's a whole lot of opportunity for angst and worldbuilding on the family level (familybuilding?) there.

I'd love either brotherly or not-so-brotherly love between these two. Mostly, I just want them to get to have a proper conversation with each other. Playful fighting and/or teasing each other about who popped out first is more than welcome, of course.

DNWs: Crossovers, genderswaps, issuefic, pregnancy.
Letter Link http://exchangebench.dreamwidth.org/726.html

Request 6 by Piinutbutter
Siren | Forbidden Siren (Video Game)
Makino Kei/Miyata Shiro, Fic

I love these messed-up twins so much, and there's so much I would love to see explored with them. Apparently, they both share the same dreams growing up, and feel a pull towards each other, yet they never actually make the effort to become closer to each other before the events of the game. Why? Was it just Shiro's jealousy, or was Kei afraid of him and what his family could do, as well?

And of course, once the game starts, there's plenty of opportunity for Shiro to turn his murderous mad-doctor techniques on his brother. Maybe he decides to break him open and see how different they really are on the inside. Feel free to go as dark as you like, with these two - canon already set a precedent for disturbing and visceral things.

DNWs: Crossovers, genderswaps, issuefic, pregnancy.
Letter Link http://exchangebench.dreamwidth.org/726.html

Request 7 by Piinutbutter
Final Fantasy IX
Kuja/Zidane Tribal, Fic

I'm not gonna lie, I'm mostly into this pairing for the smut potential. Kuja's demanding that Zidane come into his room alone in the Desert Palace is a prompt in itself (see also: tails as erogenous zones), but I'd love just anything dealing with these two and their bizarre relationship.

DNWs: Crossovers, genderswaps, issuefic, pregnancy.
Letter Link http://exchangebench.dreamwidth.org/726.html

Request 8 by Piinutbutter
Original Work
Three or more polyamorous parents & their children Demon Brother/Half-Demon | Demon Hunter Brother Trickster God Brother/Reincarnated God of Death Brother, Fic

Three or more polyamorous parents & their children:

What is it like for the kids, growing up and being confused that a lot of their friends only have two parents? How do the parents handle picking the kids up from school and extracurriculars? Are there awkward conversations they have to have with administration to explain that no, this child has a lot of guardians, we promise this isn't a kidnapping attempt?

Demon Brother/Half-Demon | Demon Hunter Brother:

Demon family drama! Presumably these two are half-brothers that ended up on opposite sides of the whole "morality of being a demon" issue - how did that happen? Did they grow up together, with tension gradually developing as they got older? How does the half-demon brother reconcile both his feelings for his brother and his own species with his profession?

Trickster God Brother/Reincarnated God of Death Brother:

I'd love something worldbuildy for this. Why did the god of death have to be reincarnated, while the trickster god is still presumably the original? There's some angst potential in the idea of the trickster god falling in love with the original god of death, then having to come to terms with the fact that this reincarnation isn't the same brother he used to know. (And, of course, how does the reincarnation feel about this?)
Letter Link http://exchangebench.dreamwidth.org/726.html

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