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New Pinch Hit

There is a new pinch hit.

Comments are screened on this post. If you are interested in taking it, please respond to this post with your AO3 username and the #/username associated with the pinch hit you are interested in.

You may have one outstanding pinch hit at a time; if you would like to take multiple pinch hits, please finish and post the first one before trying to claim the next.

This pinch hit is due at the assignment deadline (May 28, 11:59 PM EST).

Pinch Hit #11
Request 1 by Unforgotten
X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies)
Peter Maximoff & Nina Gurzsky (ATM) Erik Lehnsherr/Magda & Nina & Peter Maximoff (ATM), Fic

Erik/Magda & Peter & Nina - I'd love to read a fic about Erik and his family that includes Peter. Does he track Erik down before the events of XMA and become a part of their lives that way? Or do Magda and Nina survive the woods confrontation, and Peter meets them later? I'd LOVE to see everyone's reactions to each other, and how Erik tries to navigate this unexpected complication to his family life.

Peter & Nina - although they never met in canon, I bet their relationship would be super sweet (and possibly very awkward). It seemed like Peter was pretty good with his unnamed little sister in DoFP, so it would be really neat to see him interacting with Nina and her animal friends.

For either relationship, a more plotty fic where Magda and Nina survive the woods confrontation, and then Apocalypse comes and wants *Nina* as a Horseman would be awesome. I'd love to see how they all as a family respond to that. A fic where Peter talks Nina down due to the connection they've made before that would be awesome - or a fic where things go mostly the same, but then Apocalypse breaks Peter's leg again and Nina FLIPS OUT. Basically anything along those lines would be awesome.

For a darker version of the above, I'd kind of love to read a fic where it's Erik and Magda who die during the woods confrontation, so that the only family Nina has left is Peter, who she may or may not have met before that.

DNWs: Noncon/dubcon. Incest. Magda and/or Nina living through the woods confrontation only to die later in the story.
Letter Link http://unforgotten.dreamwidth.org/101014.html

Request 2 by Unforgotten
Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant
Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason, Fic

Georgia/Shaun: What happened the first time George and Shaun encountered a real live zombie (on their own, away from their parents)? What was the straw that broke the camel's back that made George finally believe Shaun that their parents don't really love them? In their teen years, what was it that led up to them entering into a physical relationship? After the end of Blackout, how do Shaun and George navigate everything, knowing that she both is and isn't the sister he lost? What if Shaun hadn't been able to pull the trigger? Springboarding off that, what if George got better but somehow got cloned by the CDC anyway and there ended up being two of her (for real, and not just in Shaun's head)? What if George is immune, and Shaun is the one who can get better/gets cloned?

I love everything about zombies ever, and I really, really love Shaun and George's thing where despite the way nearly everything in their life is bared to the whole world, they manage to keep the full truth about their relationship between the two of them. There's such a strange isolation there, being so in the public eye and so dedicated to the truth, yet never being fully known to anyone but each other. I really love them a whole lot and ship the hell out of them. I would love anything about their relationship, whether it's based on one of the above prompts or not.

For this fandom, I am obviously 100% okay with incest. :P

DNWs: Noncon/dubcon.
Letter Link http://unforgotten.dreamwidth.org/101014.html

Request 3 by Unforgotten
Crossover Fandom
Erik Lehnsherr (ATM)/Magda (ATM) & Nina (ATM) & Logan (Logan) & Laura (Logan), Fic

Erik/Magda & Nina & Logan & Laura: I would love a canon-divergent fic roadtrip fic. Magda and Nina survive the woods confrontation in XMA, then end up in Mexico and rent a car to drive up to New York. Logan, instead of being experimented on by Stryker, works for Charles and was sent down there to bring Laura back up to Charles' school. The two groups meet, Erik recognizes Logan, Logan is like "who the fuck are you," and they end up deciding to travel together. Along the way, Erik and Logan are intensely annoyed by each other, Magda and Logan become buds, and Nina and Laura become BFFs and begin to learn each other's languages.

...Okay, that's really specific, but it's the only concrete idea I have for them. But I'd be totally cool if you took just a detail or two from that and ran with it, or if you wrote non-roadtrip fic with hijinks of some type. Or if awful things happen, and the two groups meet up and fight their way out together. Basically, I have a lot of feelings about how Erik and his family should be happy, and how Laura and Logan should be happy, and if they end up finding a happy ending/sanctuary together, that's really all I ask.

DNWs: Noncon/dubcon. Incest. Character death of Erik, Magda, Nina, Logan, or Laura. A totally unhappy ending.
Letter Link http://unforgotten.dreamwidth.org/101014.html

Request 4 by Unforgotten
Arrival (2016)
Hannah & Louise Banks (Arrival), Fic

Hannah & Louise: The movie broke my heart into a million pieces. I'd love to read a story about the harder aspects of Louise's decision - like, does she ever tell Hannah? At what point does she tell her? How does Hannah react, and how does it change their relationship.

Alternately, does Louise ever try to change that future? If so, what exactly does she do? And does it work, or is it all a futile effort? And if it is futile, does she see herself failing, and yet try anyway when the time comes because she can't NOT? And does she involve Hannah in these attempts at all, or does Hannah maybe pick up on it while Louise is trying to hide it from her?

Alternately, what if it was Hannah who tried to change the future, despite knowing that her mom is never wrong about these things?

DNW: Noncon/dubcon. Incest.
Letter Link http://unforgotten.dreamwidth.org/101014.html

Request 5 by Unforgotten
The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
Alba Detamble & Henry DeTamble, Fic

Alba & Henry: I would love to read anything about Henry and Alba meeting up in time. Their relationship is so fascinating, and so heartbreaking, particularly after Henry's death. What must it be like for Alba, to grow up seeing her dad in stolen hours that she can never choose - and to know, after a while, that each time could be the last time?

I also loved the parts of the book about older Alba and younger Alba hanging out - so a fic where Henry and several Albas have some sort of adventure together would be great. Or a fic with several Henrys and Alba. Or several Henrys and several Albas! There are so many directions this could go, really.

Or maybe a story that's about Alba coping with Henry's death. Like, it's clear in the book that she knows he's dead, but to what extent does it feel real when she knows she's going to see him, again and again? That would be a super weird grieving process for anyone, but especially a young kid like she was. Weird, but yet weirdly normal, somehow.

DNWs: Noncon/dubcon. Incest.
Letter Link http://unforgotten.dreamwidth.org/101014.html

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