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famexmod ([personal profile] famexmod) wrote in [community profile] familyex2017-05-28 08:32 pm

Teensy extension for everyone!

I'll be going to bed before midnight, so I won't be defaulting anyone or sending out pinch hits until tomorrow morning. I expect to be up around 7am EST. At that time, I will close the collection briefly, default anyone who didn't turn in an assignment or pinch hit numbering from 1-14, and do a placeholder check. Once I've completed this, pinch hits will go out for everyone who completed their assignment but did not have an assignment completed for them. I expect the pinch hit post to go up around 8-9am EST.

As previously stated, I am not giving (individual) extensions, so please don't ask for a further extension.

If you defaulted on your assignment but finish it later, you're still welcome to post it anytime after the collection re-opens tomorrow (which will probably by noon EST). If you complete a treat of any length/size, you're welcome to post that at any time. The more, the merrier! :D

As a final note, Pinch Hit #16 (Heroes, White Collar, House M.D.) is still up for grabs.

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