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Collection opened

The collection is now live!

If you completed your assignment, you should have at least one full-length/full-size gift in the collection.

Please email me at famexmod@gmail.com if:
  • You completed your assignment and do not have a full-length/full-size gift.
  • You gift includes DNWs that were included in your AO3 signup.
  • You notice ANY gift in the collection that seems incomplete, whether it is for you or not.
  • You notice any other issues that need a mod.

Unless your gift contains DNWs, you should take the time to read/look at it and leave your gifter a comment.

If you are still working on a treat, you can still post it at ANY time once it is finished.

Creators will be revealed a week from today, next Sunday. The earliest this could happen is 7am Eastern, but it could be an hour or two after that as well.