Apr. 9th, 2017

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First of all, today is the first day I was poking people about updated/locked letters. If you emailed me about your recipient's letter, then you should have gotten an response from me saying either that I have contacted them, or that their letter appears to be updated/unlocked now and so I don't have to.

It has been a VERY long and stressful week for me irl, so it is possible and even likely that I've missed something. If you emailed me about your recip's letter and did NOT receive some kind of response from me just now, your correspondence has fallen through the cracks; please email me again and I will get right on it.

Pinch hits

There is a new pinch hit, and four of the old ones are still looking for homes.

Comments are screened on this post. If you are interested in taking a pinch hit, please respond to either this post or a previous pinch hit post with your AO3 username and the #/username associated with the pinch hit you are interested in.

You may have one outstanding pinch hit at a time; if you would like to take multiple pinch hits, please finish and post the first one before trying to claim the next.

Pinch Hit #10: DCU (Comics), Batman (Comics), モブサイコ100 | Mob Psycho 100, One Piece )

The four earlier pinch hits are:

Pinch Hit #2: Naruto, One Piece, RWBY

Pinch Hit #6: Silent Hill (Video Game Series), Catherine (Video Game), 悪魔城ドラキュラ | Castlevania Series, Gingiva (Video Game)

Pinch Hit #7: Bates Motel (2013), The Godfather (1972 1974 1990), Breaking Bad, Rectify (TV)

Pinch Hit #9: Chronicles of the Kencyrath - P. C. Hodgell, The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner, Stand Still Stay Silent, The Heroes of Olympus - Rick Riordan


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