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There is another new pinch hit. In the future I think I may wait a few days to send pinch hits out so that I can consolidate them if multiple ones come in within several days of each other.

Comments are screened on this post. If you are interested in taking a pinch hit, please respond to either this post or the previous one with your AO3 username and the #/username associated with the pinch hit you are interested in.

You may have one outstanding pinch hit at a time; if you would like to take multiple pinch hits, please finish and post the first one before trying to claim the next.

All pinch hits are due at the assignment deadline (May 28, 11:59 PM EST).

Pinch Hit #12

Request 1 by Jingle
How to Train Your Dragon (Movies)
Gobber the Belch/Stoick the Vast & Hiccup, Fic

Letter Link http://dolewhip.dreamwidth.org/8801.html

Request 2 by Jingle
Steven Universe (Cartoon)
Pearl & Steven Universe, Fic

Letter Link http://dolewhip.dreamwidth.org/8801.html

Request 3 by Jingle
Descendants (2015)
Li Lonnie & Mushu & Fa Mulan/Li Shang, Fic

Letter Link http://dolewhip.dreamwidth.org/8801.html

The previous pinch hit is also still available:

Pinch Hit #11: X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies), Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant, Crossover Fandom, Arrival (2016), The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger

ETA: Pinch Hit #10 is available again:

Pinch Hit #10: DCU (Comics), Batman (Comics), モブサイコ100 | Mob Psycho 100, One Piece